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Find out who you can talk to.

Need help with a fine?

Don't let a fine get on top of you. Find information about your options and going to court for a fine.

Representing yourself in court?

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Get useful information and resources to help you before your day in court.

Can't agree on children, money or property?

If you're divorcing or separating, family mediation can help you reach an agreement without the cost and time of going to court. Check out the free or affordable mediation services available.

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Ombudsmen and complaint services

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Have a dispute about a product or service? Find out about the organisations in Victoria that can help resolve it.

Making or challenging a will?

Find about how to make a valid will and how to challenge a will.

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Courts Open Day

With over 100 events right across Victoria, Law Week was jam-packed with free legal health checks, music performances, tours, mock trials, debates and more.

9 ways bike riders can avoid crashes

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To help keep you safe on the road, here are 9 things many bike riders don't know... but should.