Can renters list their homes on short stay websites?

What is short stay accommodation?

Short stay accommodation websites allow people to list a room or their entire home for a short-term rental. Hosts like it because they can earn a little bit extra. And guests like it because they can stay in an informal setting, and explore new places.

In Victoria, some renters have been using short-term accommodation sites to invite guests into their homes for short stays. So, what is the law in Victoria?

I am a renter – can I list my place on Airbnb or similar home-sharing sites?

You can in some situations. You should read through your lease to see if it is allowed and check with your landlord.

The law in Victoria is that a renter must have their landlord’s permission before leasing any part of their property to someone else. If you don't, your landlord may have legal grounds to evict you. So, be open with your landlord, and ask for their written permission before listing a room on a short stay site.

Is the law about to change?

The Victorian Parliament is considering new laws around short stays. The reason is to stop apartments being used as ‘party houses’.

The proposed changes to the law may affect you if you are a host, guest or another resident in flats, units or apartments that are being used for short term stays.

Stay tuned. You can find updates about the Victorian law here.

This page was last updated on March 02, 2017