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Have you ever tried to find the answer to a legal problem and found yourself on an information merry-go-round and just wanting to go to sleep?

Well, that idea was what started us thinking about developing a website like Everyday-Law.

Find the answer to your legal problem now at Everyday-Law
Find the answer to your legal problem at Everyday-Law

The law is an essential part of our lives and the more we know about it the better off we are. That’s to say, that if we know our rights and responsibilities the more likely we are to make better decisions about legal issues and protect ourselves.

That’s the theory. But in practice a lot of the information out there is way too complicated for what most people want and the good stuff is often hard to find. This is where Everyday-Law comes in. Everyday-Law brings all the best material together in one place; jargon-free material for the public written by a range of trustworthy organisations.

Sure you will find some of this stuff on Google but you will also find a lot of inaccurate stuff as well. And, let’s be honest, probably much of it that is no use at all!

Once you actually read something that allows you to concentrate on solving your legal problem and finding the right legal help, you might think about expanding your legal knowledge. This is where Everyday-Law really shines. We have information on your legal system – where laws come from and who does what and why.

To top it all off, we go behind the 24-hour news cycle and fill in the gaps on hot-button legal issues. ­What is mandatory sentencing after all? What is really being proposed by changes to the Racial Discrimination Act?

We’ll also let you know about legal events around town. Not all of them are serious either. So, if you want to be involved in ideas, information sessions and debates about the law, then if it is on we have it here.

Everyday-Law launches today. We hope you like it. We want to know what you think and how we can improve it. Our primary focus is to provide a website that makes it easy for Victorians to understand the law and get the information that they want. If we haven’t got it right yet, let us know so we will in the future.

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This page was last updated on October 26, 2015