Victoria's new fencing laws explained

Sparrow sitting on fence in Victoria

Under new fencing laws in Victoria, you have to try to reach an agreement with your neighbour about the fence you plan to build or repair.

If you can't show that you've attempted to contact them to come to an agreement, you'll have to pay the entire cost.

You need to be able to come to agreement about:

  • the kind of fence
  • who does the work
  • how much you're asking your neighbour to pay.

Tips for reaching an agreement with your neighbour:

  • Keep things as calm and friendly as possible.
  • Make sure you both have enough time to talk through your issues.
  • Communicate your needs and concerns and be as clear as you can about things like cost and time frames.
  • Listen to your neighbour and acknowledge their needs and feelings.
  • Keep your emotions in check, stay relaxed. If you don’t succeed, don’t get upset. Instead, try a different approach.
  • If that approach fails, agree to take a break from your discussions and make a time to try again later.

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This information relates to laws in Victoria, Australia.

This page was last updated on November 26, 2015