Negotiations 101

Do you avoid negotiating in business situations and find it difficult to ask for what you want?

Whether it’s in business or social situations, negotiation is a key part of everyday life and your ability to take a stance and clearly articulate your position could be the difference between achieving a successful or an unsuccessful outcome.

But successful negotiation isn’t always about getting your way - it’s about understanding and finding common ground with the other party, so you can create mutually beneficial outcomes.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • communication techniques involved in negotiations
  • the role emotions and different behavioural styles play in a negotiation
  • how to plan for a negotiation and the use of persuasive language
  • improving your collaborative and presentation skills
  • establishing boundaries and limits for negotiation.

In this session, presented by Demetrio Zema, Founder and Lawyer at Law Squared, you will learn the business negotiation techniques, tips and tricks that are proven to be effective, regardless of the situation.

If want to learn how to hone your negotiation skills but don’t know where to start - this workshop is for you.

Event information

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Event date
Tuesday 17 Apr 2018 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm


The Henley Club
Level 1
8 Rankins Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000




Law Squared
Tel: 03 9008 5954


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