Independent legal services

While there are many lawyers in private practice, many also work for organisations that offer free or low-cost legal help.

These services are generally able to provide initial advice or information to anyone for free. More complex services may be restricted to priority clients. If these services cannot help you, they will often be able to find someone who can.

Victoria Legal Aid

Victoria Legal Aid, also sometimes referred to as VLA, provides free legal information and education for all Victorians. It also provides advice and legal representation for people with low incomes and those experiencing disadvantage.

Victoria Legal Aid’s Legal Help phone service is a good place to start to find out how to deal with your legal problem. You can speak to someone in English or in your own language.

Victoria Legal Aid has offices in most major metropolitan and regional areas and has lawyers who provide help in many courts and in some hospitals, prisons and detention centres.

1300 792 387

Community legal centres

Community legal centres provide free legal advice, information and representation to the public. They focus on helping clients who face economic and social disadvantage and who are ineligible for legal aid and cannot afford a private lawyer.

Some centres provide help on a wide range of issues to people who live, work or study in a particular area, while others specialise in a particular field of law or help people with specific needs.

The Federation of Community Legal Centres can help you find the best community legal centre for your problem.

(03) 9652 1500

Law help directory

In addition to Victoria Legal Aid and community legal centres, our directory lists other organisations that provide free or low-cost legal advice and information to Victorians on a wide range of legal issues. Search it here.

This page was last updated on June 23, 2015