Ombudsmen and dispute resolution services

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Have a dispute about a product or service you've received?

This list of Ombudsmen and dispute resolution services investigate and help to resolve a range of disputes. But you will usually need to show that you have tried to sort out the problem yourself first.

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Consumer and business
Energy and water
Financial products and services - including insurance
Public transport
Telephone and internet services

Consumer and business

Consumer Affairs Victoria

Provides information to help consumers and businesses resolve common problems with the purchase of goods and services in Victoria. Can also help with renting, accommodation, buying and selling a home, scams, product safety and other issues.

1300 558 181

Victorian Small Business Commission

Resolves commercial disputes for small and medium businesses. Investigates complaints regarding unfair market practices.

13 87 22


Disability Services Commissioner

Helps people with complaints about a disability service or service provider.

1800 677 342
1300 728 187

Office of the Public Advocate

Provides information and advice about the rights of people with a disability as well as about advocacy, guardianship, powers of attorney, and consent to medical and dental treatment.

1300 309 337 (local call)
1300 305 612 (TTY)


Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission

Receives, investigates and helps to resolve complaints about discrimination, including sexual harassment and racial and religious vilification.

1300 891 848


Fair Work Ombudsman

Gives people information and advice about workplace rights and obligations and helps them sort out employment-related disputes.

13 13 94

Energy and water

Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria)

Investigates and resolves disputes between Victorian electricity, gas and water customers and their company.

1800 500 509

Financial products and services

Financial Ombudsman Service Australia

Independently resolves disputes between consumers – including some small businesses – and member financial services providers. They can handle disputes in a range of areas including: credit, insurance, investments, payment systems, deposits, life insurance and trustee services.

1800 367 287


Victorian Ombudsman

Investigates complaints from the public about Victorian government departments, statutory authorities and local government.

(03) 9613 6222
1800 806 314


Health Complaints Commissioner

Helps people with complaints against health service providers.

1800 136 066


Victorian Legal Services Board + Commissioner

Receives, investigates and helps to resolve complaints against lawyers and disputes between lawyers and clients.

1300 796 344


Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner

Investigates complaints about breaches of privacy by Victorian government agencies and local councils.

1300 666 444

Public transport

Public Transport Ombudsman

Deals with complaints about Victorian public transport.

1800 466 865


Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC)

Investigates Victoria Police misconduct and corruption.

1300 735 135

Telephone and internet services

Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman

Independent dispute resolution services for residential and small business consumers of telephone or internet services.

1800 062 058

This information relates to laws in Victoria, Australia.

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