Public legal education

This information relates to laws in Victoria, Australia.

Many legal organisations provide public legal education. Organisations such as Victoria Legal Aid, community legal centres and the courts all produce information on their services and some produce information on legal issues. However, there is one organisation that specialises in improving the quality of community legal information and Victorians’ understanding of the law and their legal system.

Victoria Law Foundation

Victoria Law Foundation is an independent statutory body that helps Victorians understand the law and their legal system. The foundation is an advocate for improving the quality of community legal information by providing training and support in this area. It also has a grants program that supports other organisations to fulfil these aims.

The foundation’s education programs reach out to the general community and secondary school students through programs that aim to engage and promote debate on legal issues. The foundation coordinates Law Week each year in May.

The foundation publishes a range of guides that help demystify the law. As well as addressing common legal issues, these guides also provide information on the legal sector in Victoria and how to find a lawyer. The foundation produces a range of school resources.

Connecting Victorians to the legal information they need is another key focus of the foundation. To make it easier to find the legal information that Victorians want, the foundation has developed Everyday-Law to provide Victorians with access to easy-to-understand legal information produced by organisations across Victoria.

This page was last updated on December 19, 2014