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Building and renovating disputes factsheet

Building and renovating is a complex task that usually involves various professionals with different responsibilities. Unfortunately, the process doesn't always run as smoothly as it should.

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Do you have a question about your consumer rights, business laws, or contracts in Victoria?

Money, credit and debt

We provide information about your credit and debt rights, resolving problems with banks, and superannuation, bankruptcy and taxation laws.

Making or challenging a will?

Find about how to make a valid will and how to challenge a will.

Powers of attorney and guardianship

Do you have questions about powers of attorney in Victoria?

Get help with a legal problem

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Find out who you can talk to.

Ombudsmen and complaint services

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Have a dispute about a product or service? Find out about the organisations in Victoria that can help resolve it.

Work and employment information

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Have a question about employment laws, including pay, leave, redundancy, unfair dismissal or other working conditions?