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Infringements factsheet

Infringement notice in Victoria, Australia

A factsheet on infringements and fines in Victoria.

5 reasons why you should make a will

It doesn’t matter whether you’re 25, a time-poor parent with kids or a retiree with an ambitious bucket list; there are good reasons why you shouldn’t put off making a will.

Money, credit and debt

We provide information about your credit and debt rights, resolving problems with banks, and superannuation, bankruptcy and taxation laws.

Making or challenging a will?

Find about how to make a valid will and how to challenge a will.

Road rules and fines

All you need to know about Victoria's road rules, paying fines, demerit points and going to court for a traffic offence.

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Get help with a legal problem

Woman giving free or low-cost legal advice in Victoria

Find out who you can talk to.

Ombudsmen and complaint services

young man on a mobile phone

Have a dispute about a product or service? Find out about the organisations in Victoria that can help resolve it.

Termination of employment - where to get legal help

Have you recently lost your job in Victoria for reasons you think are unfair?